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In the recent advancement of webserver technology, Nginx has taken a vital role in speedying up the server access. NGINX (pronounced engine-x) is a high performance, open source

web application accelerator that helps over 37% of the world’s busiest websites deliver more content, faster, to its users.

Many of the companies are now deploying NGINX to manage the complexities and pitfalls associated with HTTP and to make their applications faster, more responsive, scalable and secure. Recently it is found that, in every 15.5 seconds, another top 10 million websites are moving to NGINX platform switching back from Apache.

Many web hosting providers alaos targeting the customerbase with high-speed network access by providing their customers with Nginx-based cpanel hostings, which has resulted in happy customers getting faster and secure network access.

As we know, most of the web hosting customerrs now prefers to have cpanel ass their base control panel for accessing the server settings. Keeping in mind, the Nginxcp has started with Nginx admin.

The Nginx Admin is a cPanel nginx integration plugin which will increase the server performance and decrease server loads cased by apache, which means true NginX performance without heavy Apache. Nginx works as the front end reverse proxy of cPanel server along with apache. Which will definitely increase the performace.

The primary features of Nginx admin includes:

DDOS Protection : Nginx will only pass true http requests and protect against attacks like DDOS attacks.
WHM Plugin : Nginx Admin whm interface will help you to manage your nginx server from your WHM.
GZIP compression : Nginx Admin is compitable with GZIP compression.
cPanel service monitor support: Nginx will be auto restart when you restart apache, So no down time at all.
No WHM apache status issue.
No PHP rewrite issue.
Can manage which domain use Nginx and which domain use Apache via SSH.

The best part of Nginx admin is, it’s totally free and it is so easy to use that you may install and use it with just basic knowledges!. But for installing Nginx Admin on a cpanel server, you should have the root priviledge to your server, must have the ssh access and must have cpanel pre-installed on the server.

We, at Graphemetech, providing our customers the taste of faster and secured server access with the integration of Nginx Admin into Cpanel.

Are you ready to install it on your server? Follow our post on “Installing NginxCP on Cpanel WHM” to know, how to get started.


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