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NGINX (pronounced engine-x) is a high performance, open source web application accelerator that helps over 37% of the world’s busiest websites deliver more content, faster, to its users. For more details, visit our post “Benefits of Using Nginx and Nginx Admin on a Cpanel based Server”.


Today, in this tutorial I am going to show you, the steps involved in installing the Nginx Admin cpanel plugin on a cPanel servers.

The task of the Nginx Admin plugin involves in using the reverse proxy feature of nginx in top of the apache web server which comes on cPanel servers. it’s kind of impossible to get rid of apache on a cPanel server. which means it is possible to replace it with nginx if you do your own customization but I never suggest it! so it’s better if you use nginx as a reverse proxy to handle the server requests, faster and better.

So, let’s start with the installation of Nginx Admin on your cpanel server.

– first connect to your machine using SSH

– Change your directory path to /usr/local/src.

cd /usr/local/src

– Download the latest version of nginxcp from their website by using wget.


– once the nginxadmin.tar file is placed on your disk extract it using tar.

tar xf nginxadmin.tar

– change the directory path to publicnginx

cd publicnginx

– run the installer file

./nginxinstaller install
During installation, it will prompt you to setup a remote access key in the whm. Set it up at WHM -> Cluster/Remote access -> Setup Remote Access Key -> Generate New Key.


And again run the command “./nginxinstaller install“.


once the install is successful you will be seeing a result like above! follow their direction and restart your httpd to start nginxcp.

httpd restart

if you got some python incompatibilty error while you started the installer script just run pythonfix which is in the same folder!

Now you need to repair the perl script to make it compatible with Nginx

Login to WHM and go to : whm -> Software -> Check/Repair a Perl Script

then enter  /usr/local/cpanel/whostmgr/docroot/cgi/addon_nginx.cgi

and click on Repair Perl button on screen.
Now run the command service nginx restart
Now under Plugins in whm you can see the Nginx Admin (v4.7 Stable) menu.



That’s it. Install Nginx admin on your cpanel based server and login to the whm using your root credentials and enjoy the options available to check for Nginx Admin. Enjoy your faster web accessibility!


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